Mifflin Township Trash Collection


Refuse pick-up

All residents are required to subscribe to refuse pick-up with the current Township negotiated provider.  

Trash Collection is provided by RUMPKE of Ohio  1-800-828-8171

Collection is Fridays, starting at 6:00 AM.

All trash is to be at the curb no earlier than 24-hours before scheduled pick-up.

Do not place trash or recycling outside of the of the cart or in personal bags/containers. All trash to be in provided container.  

No boxes or 55-gallon drums are permitted for holding trash. Do not overload bags and cans.  

You do not have to call in for bulk items (such as mattresses, furniture, washers, etc.). Those items may be put out on Friday next to the rest of your trash.

Trash cans are to be removed from the curb no later than Friday evening.

The property owner is responsible for the billing for refuse removal. If you are a renter, you should check with the property owner as to who will pay the bill. Township senior residents receive a discounted fee for service.

Monthly Cost $17.12 (Billed quarterly)

Monthly Senior Cost $15.62 (Billed quarterly)

Waste Wheeler containers $3.00 a Month (Billed quarterly)

Note Billed price can vary slightly due to fuel surcharge charges.