Mifflin Township Trustee Joseph Spanovich


Joe Spanovich  

Chairman Joseph Spanovich

(614) 471-4494

Joseph Spanovich began serving as a Mifflin Township trustee in January 1986 and is currently chairman. He served on Gahanna City Council for 16 years. As a past city councilman, he was actively involved in the development of Gahanna Industrial Park.  

As the first mayor of Gahanna, he facilitated the orderly transfer from village to city status and the police department to full-time status. He fostered the development of the municipal complex without additional taxes. This includes the present city government building, library, and police-fire stations.

Spanovich is a member of the Ohio Education Association, National Education Association, and the Ohio Elementary Principals' Association. His master's thesis, "Industrial Education in the Primary Schools," is widely utilized in teacher training programs.

He has been a resident of the area for 34 years. He served in the U.S. Navy for three years and in the Naval Reserve for five years. He has three children and three grandchildren.

He received a master's degree in school administration and his bachelor of science degree from The Ohio State University. He was employed as a school principal for 20 years and as a classroom teacher for eight, and has taught education method courses at Capital University.