Mifflin Township Cemeteries - Rules & Regulations

While we try to be sensitive to our friends and families who visit loved ones buried in one of Mifflin Township’s cemeteries, we ask that those who are maintaining plots follow the regulations provided. If family members are unsure if an item complies with the rules, we encourage you to visit the Service/Cemetery Department office at 218 Agler Rd. or call (614) 471-4494.  

We pride ourselves on keeping our cemeteries in a dignified and respectful condition. From time to time, our grounds staff may remove items not in compliance with the rules and regulations. This enables us to maintain the aesthetics of the cemetery, but also to properly manage the grounds (often with the use of heavy equipment) and ensures the safety of our groundskeepers and visitors. Items removed because they are not in compliance with the rules and regulations, have been placed on the side of the service building so that family members may pick them up.

We ask for everyone’s understanding and assistance as we maintain our cemeteries in the good condition that our residents have come to expect. Rules are subject to change without notice. Revised: Sept. 19, 2016.

To download a copy of the rules and regulations, click here.