Mifflin Township Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement - Overview

The Code Enforcement division is responsible for patrolling the Township for high grass, weeds, trash and other waste, and inoperable cars (and tagging same for compliance). We also work with the Franklin County Development Department and the Franklin County Board of Health on abandoned or vacant houses and their disposition.

Residents have a duty to maintain their properties.
Maintaining your property will make a difference in regards to rodents, crime, and property values in your neighborhood. This is a list of the most common problems:

Tall Grass & Weeds
Noxious weeds and grass are not to exceed 12 inches in height. If a property owner does not comply with an order from the Code Enforcement Officer, the Franklin County Board of Health will intervene and order the mowing of the property. The Township will then mow and/or clean up the property and establish a lien against the property.

Accumulation of Junk, Trash, or Waste
Every resident in Mifflin Township is required to maintain their property free of junk, trash, and waste products. We have a refuse collection contract with Rumpke (800-828-8171
) to pick up all resident refuse, with the exception of tires, items with Freon, and any item containing a hazardous material (batteries, lawn mowers, etc). Paint cans must have the lid removed and paint dried before they will be picked up.

Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles,Campers, Commercial Vehicles
No commercial vehicles are permitted to park in residential areas. All vehicles must have a current registration and must be operable. No vehicles are permitted to sit on jacks, blocks, etc. No more than 1 inoperable or wrecked vehicle will be allowed per one dwelling unit. Any permitted inoperable vehicles must be parked or stored by completely enclosing the same within a permitted or accessory structure or by screening it with a 100% opaque fence no less than 6' and no more than 8' in height so as to not be visible. Those in violation are subject to several zoning violations and are referred to the Franklin County Development Department for disposition, if not corrected.

Refuse pick-up
All residents are required to subscribe for refuse pick-up, which is on Friday, starting at 6:00 AM. All trash is to be at the curb no earlier than 12 hours before scheduled pick-up. Trash cans are to be removed from the curb no later than Friday evening. All trash is to be secured in bags and trash cans. No boxes or 55-gallon drums are permitted for holding trash. Do not overload bags and cans.

It is not necessary to call in for removal of bulk items (such as mattresses, furniture, washers, etc.). Those items may be placed out on Friday next to the rest of your trash.

The property owner is responsible for the payment for refuse removal. If you are a renter, you should check with the property owner as to who will pay the bill. Senior Township residents receive a discounted fee for service.