Mifflin Township Division of Fire Overview

The Mifflin Township Division of Fire provides fire and emergency medical services to the city of Gahanna and the unincorporated areas of Mifflin Township. Responding to more than 11,800 calls for assistance every year with a response time of less than four minutes, the Division of Fire is one of the busiest fire departments in the region.

Rapid emergency crisis intervention at the time of a fire or medical emergency depends on the training of the personnel and reliable state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus. Mifflin Township employs professional fire fighters who are cross-trained as paramedics. This is an important asset to the department as it allows for staffing to be adjusted and, more importantly, ensures that when a Mifflin Township Division of Fire emergency apparatus is called to the scene of an emergency, the same level of care can be given by all staff members.
The Division of Fire is staffed 24/7 by firefighters, and also utilizes key personnel who work a weekday schedule for positions such as fire prevention and administration. Additionally, the Mifflin Township-Division of Fire is able to deploy bike medic crews during special events in our community. The division has vehicles specifically suited and equipped to provide emergency health care and fire protection. 

To apply for an open position with the Mifflin Township Division of Fire, please visit our Human Resources section, and click the link for job openings/application.