Mifflin Township Police Department

For emergencies, call 9-1-1
Cruiser dispatch/non-emergency: (614) 525-3333 
Office: (614) 471-3548
House checks: (614) 525-3364
Fax: (614) 478-6730

2455 Agler Road (Click for map) 
Columbus OH 43224
(Located behind the Mifflin Township Fire Station) 

The Mifflin Township Police Department has been in operation since 1961 and serves the unincorporated portion of Mifflin Township. In November 1981, the voters (417 to 362) passed a 5-mill tax levy, after which the Police Department became full-time.

The Department has five full-time officers to maintain 24-hour police protection. Seven reserve officers who receive the same police academy training that is required of full-time officers, provide additional manpower. The department conducts additional on-the-job training for all new reserve officers. Because of their training, experience and dedication, reserve officers are often hired when a full-time position becomes available.

The department patrols the unincorporated area of the Township—approximately 3.9 square miles with a population of less than 5,000. The fleet consists of five marked cruisers and two unmarked cars. The department is dispatched by the Franklin County Communications Center by calling 9-1-1.

Township police officers, under the direction of Chief William Price, offer their help and assistance to the needs of Mifflin Township residents and any other person who finds themselves in need of assistance while in the township.

The department's mission is to enhance the quality of life by efficiently and effectively maintaining order, suppressing crime and serving the citizens of Mifflin Township. Mifflin Township police do this by providing the community with honest, professional and dedicated officers that maintain order, peace and reduce fear in the community.