I voted for the levy why isn't my road fixed?


We receive many calls from residents saying they voted for the road levy and they ask why their road has not been repaved.

The levy money we do receive only allows us to repave and repair a few roads a year.

We are repaving roads, but if the roads are not in your area, you might not see work being done.

We are reviewing each road in the township and we are using a triage method to determine the order in which the roads are repaired. We try to repair the roads which will effect the most people first or the roads that are a safety issue.

We are working with Franklin County on the road repairs and repaving. We combine our repairs with repairs the county is doing in the area. By doing this, it allows the county to bid out a bigger job to the contractors. This allows our smaller jobs to be done at a lower price which saves our taxpayers money by combining our efforts!