Mifflin Township Elected Officials


 Township Trustees duties

According to the Ohio Revised Code, townships have three elected trustees who each serve four-year terms. Trustees have legislative authority in a township. They oversee care and maintenance of township roads; create police districts; provide fire protection; manage cemeteries; establish and operate parks and recreation departments; regulate zoning; and authorize waste disposal. Other trustee responsibilities, in a condensed summary, include conducting bimonthly meetings, approving resolutions relative to township business, providing for the general welfare of the township, and maintaining records of all township business and activities.

Fiscal Officer duties

Township fiscal officers are elected officials who are independent of township trustees but work closely with them especially regarding fiscal matters. Fiscal officers are responsible for keeping accurate records of all accounts, transactions, budgets and proceedings of townships. The Ohio Auditor of State sends staff members every two years to audit the records of fiscal officers, provide checks and balances, and ensure compliance with laws.