Mifflin Township Police Department Launches Online Form for Compliments and Complaints


In an effort to be proactive in earning the trust and confidence of residents, the Mifflin Township Division of Police has launched an online form where residents can submit compliments for a job well done, or complaints if they have concerns about how an issue was handled. The division is committed to investigating all concerns and complaints of employee misconduct to ensure that peace is maintained in a fair and equitable way.

Messages may be sent directly to the police chief or township administrator. The public is encouraged to contact the department regarding any incident they believe to be unreasonable or objectionable, or conversely, any exceptional behavior that deserves recognition. Rest assured, information submitted will be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Anonymous and third-party complaints will be accepted and investigated to the extent possible, assuming sufficient information is provided. Residents are encouraged to include some form of contact so that if additional information is needed during the course of investigation, staff may be able to contact you.

All complaints alleging misconduct by an employee of the township will be investigated by a supervisor. Complaints alleging serious misconduct will be investigated by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Bureau.

All complaints shall be completely investigated within 60 days from the date of the complaint. The Chief of Police may, on a case-by-case basis, grant an extension to this time limit, based on the circumstances. Once the investigation is completed, the complainant(s) shall be advised of the findings and whether any corrective and or disciplinary action resulted.

If you have a compliment or complaint for the Mifflin Township Police Department, submit the information at https://mifflin-oh.gov/services/police/. If you prefer to speak to someone via phone call or in person, additional contact information is provided at the web page.