Police Levy on Ballot for Mifflin Township

Five-year renewal tax levy would generate approximately $61,000 a year
GAHANNA, Ohio – Voters will have the opportunity to renew an existing township police levy at the polls this March after Mifflin Township trustees approved placing a five-year, 2.0-mill levy on the ballot.

According to figures provided by the Franklin County Auditor, the dollar amount of revenue that would be generated by the tax levy during the first year of collection is $61,031.77, based on the current assessed valuation of the district of $35,320,380. Two mills for each one dollar of valuation amounts to twenty cents ($.20) for each one hundred dollars of valuation.

The levy, which is a renewal of an existing levy, will allow the Mifflin Township police department to sustain its current operations for the next five years, maintaining a staff of six full-time and seven part-time officers, and a fleet of four vehicles. Funding will support such needs as training, staff salaries and updated equipment.

“The amount of funding generated by this levy may sound small compared to levies for other police districts, but it is vitally important that we maintain a police presence in this community,” said Mifflin Township Police Chief William Price. “Not only does it allow us to build positive relationships with residents when we have sufficient staff to patrol the area, it provides training to give us the tools we need to address conflict in a diverse population dealing with an influx of new immigrants.”

Only voters in the unincorporated portion of the township served by the Mifflin Township police department - which has about 4,000 residents - will have a say on the levy. The township’s police department has an annual budget of approximately $700,000.


Mifflin Township has a police department that serves the unincorporated portion of the township. The division has a police station and employs 6 full time police officers and 7 part-time officers. The department received 4,543 calls for service in 2015.