Mifflin Township Fire Accepting Quotes for Uniforms

The Mifflin Township Division of Fire in Gahanna, Ohio is accepting quotes for firefighter Class B uniform items for 2017. This list of uniform items is not exhaustive but is representative of the primary garments ordered and inventoried by the Fire Division. By providing pricing for this limited number of items, the Fire Division will be in a position to evaluate and compare vendors.

Please provide the following information when responding to the RFQ.

1. Please price each item listed based on the estimated quantity provided. Substitutions for Duty Uniform items may be offered, however, will likely be rejected.
2. Please provide an overview of your firm - how long in business, annual revenue, percentage of business represented by Duty Uniforms, references, and any other relevant information.
3. Please specify whether or not your firm inventories any of these uniform items and, if so, in what quantities.
4. Please specify the expected number of days to deliver uniform items, once ordered.
5. Describe and provide screenshots of your Uniform Ordering and Tracking System. Explain the automated process and show how items are ordered, approved, tracked and invoiced. Also show any reports that are available to the customer.

The quantities listed are estimated for 2017 and may not reflect the actual amount purchased.
The Fire Division reserves the right to increase or decrease the proposed amount based on needs.

Proposals should be good for 2 (two years) and may be extended 2 (two) additional years by the

Preference will be given to Ohio-based firms. Bidders must have the ability to finish uniforms (alterations, stitching and embroidery) in-house and may not use third-party vendors or contractors to perform this work.

Please direct questions to Battalion Chief Jeffrey Wright, (614) 471-0568.

You may email quotes directly to the Township Fiscal Officer at whiten@mifflin-oh.gov or mail them to the Township Hall, 155 Olde Ridenour Road, Gahanna, Ohio 43230.

The deadline for submitting quotes/proposals is noon on March 20, 2017.