Spring Weather Bring New Rules for Visitors to Mifflin and Riverside Cemeteries

While the weather still feels like winter, spring planting is right around the corner and the Mifflin Township Service Department is reminding visitors to the Mifflin and Riverside cemeteries that seasonal rules changes have taken effort.  

Currently, cemetery rules state that after March 15, live flowers may be planted and all winter decorations are to be removed and artificial flowers need to be securely fastened to the headstone. According to cemetery officials, this time of year often brings high winds and severe storms through Ohio, and artificial flowers not securely fastened to the headstone often end up scattered across the cemetery grounds.

“This is also the season we are beginning to treat the grass and address other landscaping needs, as well as make repairs, but it is when we also typically see unapproved decorative items begin to appear at gravesides,” said Daril Tharp, Mifflin Township Service Director.

Visitors to graves are reminded that any obstruction protruding from the ground that hinders cemetery maintenance is prohibited, such as shepherd hooks, solar lights and seasonal/decorative flag holders. All small items must be secured to the base of the stone, not on the ground. While American flags are allowed, cemetery officials recommend the 12 x 15 inch size for best display, secured to the stone if possible.  Live flowers may be planted at the base of the stone no further than eight inches from the front of the stone. No plantings are allowed on the back side of the stone.

For a complete list of the rules and regulations, visit the Service/Cemetery Department office at 218 Agler Rd. and pick up a copy, call (614) 471-4494 or visit http://mifflin-oh.gov/departments/cemetery/rules_and_regulations.php#.VgQRM8u6f3k