Stormwater Management in Mifflin Township

Mifflin Township is dedicated to the protection of our streams and water resources, and we encourage our residents to support these efforts. Mifflin Township has been a part of the Franklin County Stormwater Partnership since 2003, workinig regionally to address drainage management, water quality management and stormwater regulation compliance. Partners included are the County Drainage Engineer, Economic Development and Planning, Sanitary Engineer, Public Health, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, along with 17 townships.

We all have a vital role in the protection of our streams and water quality. Please minimize your impacts by:

  • Removing  yard waste and leaves from street gutters and storm drains
  • using fertilizers and pesticides sparingly and properly, and sweeping all excess off of sidewalks, driveways and streets
  • bagging pet waste and disposing of waste in the trash
  • directing downspouts to rain barrels or rain gardens
  • planting native trees, shrubs and perennials
  • washing your car on grass, gravel or at a car wash
  • maintaining  your aerator and septic system
  • reporting all pollution and spills appropriately (see below), and
  • encouraging community groups to support our work with a stream clean-up, tree planting or another activity. If you know of an interested group, please contact us.

If you see someone putting anything down a storm drain or directly into a stream or river and you have a license plate number, home address or other identifier, call the Franklin County Sheriff's office non-emergency number  (614) 525-3360.

Chemical and petroleum spills: Call the Ohio EPA 24-hour hotline at (800) 282-9378

Sewage related pollution: Call the Franklin County Public Heath 24-hour hotline (614) 525-3965 or email

For more information, visit these other helpful links: