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Interested in becoming part of a professional and compassionate team of public servants? Look no further. Mifflin Township is always looking for those who love serving their community and contributing to the ongoing care of the public.

Service Specialist II

The Mifflin Township Service Department is looking for a full-time Service Specialist II. The starting salary will depend on experience and whether the candidate possesses

Part-Time Police Officer

The Mifflin Township Division of Police seeks individuals to serve as part-time Police Officers for the unincorporated area of  Mifflin Township. With a population of

Contingent Dispatcher

The Mifflin Township Division of Fire seeks energetic and dependable individuals to serve as Contingent (Part-time) Dispatchers for the Metropolitan Emergency Consortium Communications (MECC) 911


These positions are responsible for the performance of specialized duties primarily in emergency response and mitigation efforts to save lives and protect property. Duties will