Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection


In an effort to obtain the best value for residents, Mifflin Township contracts with Rumpke through the Solid Waste Disposal Consortium, formed in 2009 that includes nine other central Ohio communities including Bexley, Dublin, Gahanna, New Albany, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Blendon, Plain and Washington townships, in addition to Mifflin Township.

Trash Collection Schedule and Guidelines

All residents are required to subscribe to refuse pick-up with the current Township negotiated provider.

Trash Collection is provided by RUMPKE of Ohio (800) 828-8171

Trash and recycling collection day: Friday, starting at 6 a.m.

Yard waste collected day: Monday

For information on holidays impacting your trash collection, visit Rumpke’s website to view the holiday schedule.

All trash is to be at the curb no earlier than 24-hours before scheduled pick-up. Place the cart within 3 feet of the street and other obstructions, with the opening towards the street (face handle away).

Do not place trash or recycling outside of the cart or in personal bags/containers. All trash is to be in the provided container with the lid closed. If the lid does not close, remove material from the cart. Overfilled carts will not be collected. If you need more space, please request an extra or larger cart from Rumpke.

Furniture, carpeting, mattresses and other bulk items will be collected with regular trash pick up when placed at the curb. Please put out no more than three bulk items per week. All bulk item collection must be pre-scheduled 24 hours before your trash service day. Bulk items should be placed curbside the evening before your trash service day. Residents with more than three bulk items on any given week should contact Rumpke to schedule a special service. For uncollected items, contact Rumpke for collection on your next service day. Any upholstered items (including mattresses and box springs) should be wrapped in plastic.

The following items should not be placed in your trash:

  • Appliances containing freon (refridgerators, freezers, air conditioners)
  • Lead-acid batteries (car and motorcycle batteries)
  • Liquid waste, including used motor oil and paint
  • Tires
  • Yard Waste
  • Explosive items, radioactive waste and other materials dangerous to the health of our workers and the environment.

Rates and Billing

The rates below represent a new three-year contract entered into with Rumpke of Ohio to begin Jan. 1, 2022 and ending Dec. 3, 2024. 

  • 95-gallon trash cart, which holds 6 13-gallon bags (plus your choice of recycling cart): $23.78 month
  • 65-gallon trash cart, which holds 4 13-gallon bags (plus your choice of recycling cart): $22.63 month
  • 35-gallon trash cart, which holds 2 13-gallon bags (plus your choice of recycling cart): $22.27 month

* Residents aged 60 years or older and the head of the household will receive a discount equal to 10 percent or $1.50 (whichever is greater) off the per residential unit charge.

To learn more about what is acceptable in your trash, and how to properly dispose of or recycle items that do not belong in the trash, visit SWACO’s website and click on the Diversion menu.


The amount of waste created by central Ohio residents and businesses is staggering. In fact, every resident generates an average of 9 to 10 pounds of waste each day, of which half comes to the landfill. With limited landfill space available, it’s more important than ever that we reuse, recycle, compost or divert as much as we can.

Mifflin Township provides each resident with a cart to place acceptable items in for recycling. Place these carts at the curb on your recycling day under the same guidelines as your trash. If your recycling cart becomes damaged or if you need an additional cart, please contact Rumpke of Ohio at (800) 828-8171.

Still have questions about recycling right? Visit SWACO’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have unwanted or difficult-to-recycle items? Visit SWACO’s Reuse and Recycling Search Tool to find the best solution for your unwanted item.

By only recycling materials that are accepted at the recycling facility, your actions will make more of an impact. SWACO’s Recycle Right campaign makes proper recycling easy by giving you a comprehensive list of what should and should not go into your recycling cart. For more information about Recycle Right, visit

Household Collection and Demolition Debris (C&D)

C&D debris from small home projects will be collected on your trash service day. Each week a resident may place a total amount of C&D not in excess of any of the following:

  • three cubic yards in volume (approximately six, 95-gallon carts)
  • four feet in length or in width
  • 50 pounds

Contact Rumpke at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a C&D pickup and place the material curbside the evening before your trash service day. Material will not be collected unless the pickup is scheduled in advance. For uncollected material, contact Rumpke to schedule a pick up on your next trash service day. If C&D exceeds the limits above, call Rumpke to rent a roll off container.

The property owner is responsible for the billing for refuse removal. If you are a renter, you should check with the property owner as to who will pay the bill. Township senior residents receive a discounted fee for service.

Proper Disposal of Dangerous and Difficult Materials

Information on how to properly dispose of needles and “sharps” can be found at Columbus Public Health

Information on how to properly dispose of Household Hazardous Waste such as fluorescent light bulbs, lawn chemicals, and old gasoline can be found on SWACO’s web page

Information on how to properly dispose of Prescription Drugs can also be found at SWACO’s web page.

Yard Waste

Leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, weeds and brush, and twigs and small branches are all considered yard waste and are not accepted at the landfill.

Yard waste should be placed at the curb on your yard waste collection day.

Residents are responsible for providing their own yard waste bags or containers. Loose material should be placed in biodegradable bags or rigid containers clearly marked “yard waste only.” Each biodegradable bag, container or bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds.

Do not place yard waste in plastic bags. Use only biodegradable paper bags (available from hardware and grocery stores) or clearly marked rigid containers.

Acceptable yard waste items include leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, weeds and brush, shrubbery, twigs and small branches (less than four inches in diameter). Additionally, we will accept live Christmas trees with all decorations, lights, tinsel and garland removed. Do not place trees in plastic bags.

Only yard waste is permitted in yard waste bags and containers. Please do not place food/pet waste, dirt or rocks, plastic bags or bottles, sod, soil, or plastic plant pots into yard waste bags or containers. Please do not use plastic bags to collect yard waste. Keep it loose or use compostable bags.



RUMPKE of Ohio
(800) 828-8171