Riverside Cemetery

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Here you can find interment records for burials in Riverside Cemetery. Check out our site maps.

Riverside Cemetery, located on the east side of Sunbury Road, less than a mile north of the Innis-McCutcheon Road intersection, has been described as “picturesque,” with the headstones near the entrance marking the location of one of the earliest settlements in the area.

The entrance plaque marks the cemetery as the original burial ground for the Patterson and Drake families. Near the center front section of the cemetery, a gazebo is inscribed with a military marker, dedicating the structure to Mifflin Township residents who served in the Civil War, and honoring the unknown dead of that war.

Interment books for burials in the historic sections of both Mifflin and Riverside Cemeteries were lost in a fire many years ago. Using available existing records, we have been able to rebuild a database for nearly all existing burials in the cemetery.

Riverside Map

Riverside Lot Map – Old Section in Southeast portion of cemetery

Riverside Lot Map – Old Section in Northeast portion of cemetery


3840 Sunbury Rd.
Columbus, Ohio

Cemetery Office: