Addiction Resources


The opioid epidemic has impacted every part of Ohio, including Mifflin Township. In 2007, drug-related accidental poisonings became the leading cause of injury-related deaths in Ohio, surpassing automobile accidents for the first time, and the numbers have increased since. To combat this, Mifflin Township is dedicated to helping residents who struggle with opioid addiction and preventing overdose-related deaths.

The Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH) is a government agency with programs aimed to reduce drug misuse through treatment and community outreach. Mifflin Township residents can use ADAMH to access crisis services, drug addiction treatment community events and community health programs. For more resources, visit them here

Individuals that reside in Franklin County are eligible to receive a free kit of Naloxone by mail while supplies last. Naloxone is a medication that can block the effects of opioids and reverse an overdose. Always call 911 when someone is experiencing an overdose. Learn how to get Naloxone for free here.