Illegal Dumping


The Environmental Crimes Task Force of Central Ohio is made up of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, Franklin County Public Health and the City of Columbus Division of Refuse and is funded by the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO). The task force works together to investigate reports of littering, illegal dumping and other environmental crimes. 

It is illegal to dump solid waste such as trash, garbage, appliances, furniture, pallets, yard waste, tires and any type of construction and demolition material such as roofing materials, structural lumber, windows and doors.

Trash and garbage are ideal environments for rats, mice and other rodents, ticks, flies and mosquitoes that, in many cases, transmit diseases. In addition, illegally dumped material causes heightened risk of physical injury from contact with broken glass, sharp metal and other waste. Additionally, decaying garbage and yard waste create unpleasant odors, and can harm our environment. Many materials that are dumped contain toxic or hazardous substances that could threaten surface or groundwater supplies.

Open dumps are found along secondary roads, utility right-of-ways, watercourses, on abandoned lots, in open fields, near construction sites and along railroad tracks. Many times the owner is unaware that the dumping is occurring; however, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of any solid waste deposited on the property.

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