Fire Department History


What started off as a volunteer firehouse in Gahanna has now become one of the busiest divisions in Franklin County. From the first firehouse in 1946, to the established firehouses serving the neighborhoods of Gahanna and Mifflin Township, the department has shown its reliability and persistence in serving our community. Today the Mifflin Township Division of Fire consists of career firefighter and paramedics who respond to approximately 12,000 emergency calls for service per year.

In January of 1907, under the direction of L. Stygler, the village of Gahanna started a volunteer fire department.

On Sept. 3, 1940, the Mifflin Township Trustees entered into a contract with the volunteer fire department of Gahanna to provide fire protection for its citizens. At this time, the firehouse was located at 63 Mill St. in a cement block building.

In December 1942, Jefferson Township Trustees, village of Gahanna Council members, and the Mifflin Township Trustees reorganized the Gahanna Volunteer Fire Department and transferred all fire equipment to a joint ownership among the three governments. Mifflin Township appropriated $700 to maintain its share of the department.

In January of 1944, the Mifflin Township Trustees purchased all rights, title and property of the village of Gahanna Volunteer Fire Department from the village of Gahanna and Jefferson Township, for the sum of $500 each. The department then consisted of a fire chief, assistant fire chief, 13 volunteer firemen, and four captains. While still located at 63 Mill St., later that same year a bond issue was passed for a new fire station.

In January of 1946 the new firehouse began its service from 133 Mill St. The firehouse was dedicated on July 14, 1946. At this time firefighters would still carry firefighting equipment in their personal vehicles.

In 1948 a 3/4 ton Chevrolet truck was purchased from Gahanna Auto Sales and converted into an emergency squad for the fire department’s use.

In November of 1953, a firehouse was established in West Mifflin to better service the citizens on that side of the Township. The firehouse began in a converted garage located at 2157 Mock Rd. At that time, this firehouse was home to a 1944 Dodge with a 500 gpm front-mounted pump.

In January of 1954, the ladies auxiliary raised funds to purchase a 1948 Packard ambulance.

In 1955 a new firehouse was built to replace the West Mifflin firehouse on Mock road. The new firehouse was built at 2459 Agler road and is still in service today as Station 132.

During the mid-1960s, the department hired the first full-time, paid fire fighter.

In January of 1991, Station 131 was relocated to 475 Rocky Ford Blvd.

Station 134, located at 422 McCutcheon Road opened in September 1997 to provide service to the west side of Gahanna and Mifflin Township.

Station 133, the newest facility, located at 501 Beecher Rd. opened in October 2002 to serve the northeast side of Gahanna.

Today, the Mifflin Township Division of Fire consists of 77 career firefighter/paramedics who respond to more than 7500 emergency calls per year and are consistently one of the busiest fire departments in Franklin County.

Fire Chiefs of the Mifflin Township Division of Fire

Dates of Service Name
1940 - 1944 Chief Raymond Shull
1944 – 1946 Chief Ralph Margarum
1946 – 1953 Chief Norris Davis
1954 – 1954 Deputy Chief Ralph Margarum, Deputy Chief Richard Wright
1955 – 1955 Deputy Chief David Stygler, Deputy Chief Robert Brandon, Deputy Chief Richard Wright
1956 – 1956 Chief Harold Henson
1956 – 1957 Chief Robert Brandon
1957 – 1957 Chief Leo DeConnick
1957 – 1962 Chief Herbert Flavell
1962 – 1966 Chief Leo DeConnick
1966 – 1976 Chief Jack Sells
1976 – 1976 Chief George Perkins
1976 – 1999 Chief John H. (Jack) Selvey
1999 – 2012 Chief L. James DeConnick
2012 - 2015 Chief Tim Taylor
2015 - 2023 Chief Frederick Kauser
2023 - Present Chief Brian Dunlevy


400 W. Johnstown Rd., Suite 201, Gahanna, OH 43230
Emergencies: Call 9-1-1
(614) 471-4494

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 pm.

Brian Dunlevy, Fire Chief